dinsdag 27 maart 2012

Spring time..

Inside, after 4 months, my home is turning into a real home.. Now, it's time for the outside...

These Butterfly Lavender plants are one of the first flowers decorating my garden.. 

Have a wonderful thuesday!

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zondag 25 maart 2012

My new chest of drawers...

Here it is!

Last week I saw this wonderful chest of drawers in a antique furniture store I often visit. I never seen a chest like this before. It looked so pretty and was calling "Nadine, please, do take me home.."

Not sure where it would look good and if it would fit, I decided not buying the chest and first find a perfect spot. 
At home, I kinda regret, I didn't took the chest home..

But I found the perfect spot in my living room, next to the television. So, a few days later, I returned to the store, hoping the chest would still be there.. Thankfully, it wasn't taken by someone else..

I'm so happy, I can call it mine now..!

Have a great Sunday!

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zaterdag 24 maart 2012

Table runner in French style

A while ago I bought this table runner and matching placemats.
I just love the white cotton combined with the lace on the sides.

I also discovered the site of the Graphics Fairy and was looking forward to use one of her gorgeous French graphics. At Highschool I wasn't good in French, but I always loved the sound of the language, the writing, Paris, Chanel, the "old time" feeling I get...

The table runner was perfect for this transfering job.
So I bought transfer sheets and searched for a pretty, french graphic to decorate the runner.
First, I printed the graphic in reverse, then I cut it out and at last, I ironed it on the runner. Done :)

This is the result and I'm very pleased with it.

After the runner, I also decorated a placemat (one of the..).

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Sneak peek

Here's a sneak peek of my new chest drawers I bought yesterday.

The topic about it will be on tomorrow..

Enjoy your sunny saturday!

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donderdag 22 maart 2012


Happy me :D

~ Since yesterday I have 100 followers on my blog ~

Thanks to all who are following my blog!

Have a wonderful thursday!

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vrijdag 16 maart 2012


I just love these pastel coloured pink roses combined with white ones...

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zondag 11 maart 2012

Sundays ~3~

Just wanted to show you a picture of my living room.
This morning I figured I haven't done that yet..

As I moved in, the wall on the right was completely black, the floor was the same and the walls were already white.

The walls are painted in "bloesemwit" (blossom white). It's such a lovely, warm white. I love chandeliers, so there had to be one in my living room. In a Dutch magazine I saw a women who had placed shelves above the couch, I thought that was a great idea to show small things, that I want to see every day.
The seats are the famous Ikea seats. Love them.. 

My living room is almost finished (of course there's always some decorating to do or change). One wall (not shown) is empty and I would like to hang some pictures frames om that wall.

Soon I will take more pictures of the room, also showing the other walls.

Have a great Sunday!!

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zaterdag 10 maart 2012

Birthday High Tea

Last Thursday (the 8th of March) another year was over..
I turned 27.

This time I wanted something to do else than a party in the evening. Ever since I moved in, I wanted to do a High Tea. This was the perfect occasion and I loved planning, baking and decorating the table! I also had help from my mom, who made the wraps and sandwiches with me.

My dearest girl friends were invited and we had so much fun..

It was a perfect birthday party! Here are some pictures of the "sweet high tea table".

Enjoy your weekend!!

The inspiration for my birthday cake.


Last, but not least. My girls and I <3

My girl friends (from de left up); Christiane, Belinda, Eva, me (from the right down); Mandy, Carmen and Anouk.

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