zaterdag 24 november 2012

It's time for Christmas

Hello my dear readers!

The next few weeks are very busy and I'm unable to turn my house in a Christmas house next week, as I always do on December 1st.

So, this weekend is all about the Christmas tree and decorations (and ofcourse Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters ;)). 

Can't wait to show you everything! 

Last year I decorated my tree in bright colored figurines, this year it's all about white and antique silver. 

How is your tree going to look like? What color(s) do you use this year?

Have a wonderful weekend!



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zondag 11 november 2012

My new kitchen Part III

I love, love, love my new kitchen and today I would like to show you more pictures, old and new ones, to get a complete look of the kitchen renovation.



The wall was extended with about 30 cm. So I could place an extra cabinet at the right.

The tiles on the wall are still there, they fit perfectly and I definitely wanted to keep them. 

Placing the exhaust hood to the left was number one on the to-do-list, so the pipe wasn't showing anymore. 

I wanted to buy a SMEG refrigerator, but decided to go for a built-in-refrigerator and freezer. My microwave is hided in the top cabinet on the left. 

Another big change is the place of the hardware. 
The dishwasher is placed next to the sink and the oven and the stove next to the refrigerator. 




I'm looking forward to hear your opinion about the renovation.

Have a wonderful Sunday everybody!

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zaterdag 10 november 2012

Tiny gift

I love gift wrapping and trying out different decorations. 
These tiny gift bags are so lovely and have a wonderful vintage feeling combined with some lace and stamps.. 

Have a wonderful Saturday evening and Sunday!

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zaterdag 3 november 2012

Tea jar

Wishing you wonderful week end!

I will enjoy mine with lots of tea...

Inspired by the girls of 24 Homes.

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