zaterdag 10 maart 2012

Birthday High Tea

Last Thursday (the 8th of March) another year was over..
I turned 27.

This time I wanted something to do else than a party in the evening. Ever since I moved in, I wanted to do a High Tea. This was the perfect occasion and I loved planning, baking and decorating the table! I also had help from my mom, who made the wraps and sandwiches with me.

My dearest girl friends were invited and we had so much fun..

It was a perfect birthday party! Here are some pictures of the "sweet high tea table".

Enjoy your weekend!!

The inspiration for my birthday cake.


Last, but not least. My girls and I <3

My girl friends (from de left up); Christiane, Belinda, Eva, me (from the right down); Mandy, Carmen and Anouk.

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful pics!! Have a nice week end you too

  2. I love your china - it's so pretty. Your friends all look so happy and who wouldn't be when presented with such a gorgeous table and feast!

  3. Thanks Manu!

    And thank you so much, Sarah!


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