vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

A lovely shop worth a visit #2

A while ago I saw this beautiful wooden sign saying "White Christmas", but I couldn't find it on the internet. 
I asked the blogger and she directed my to "Vintage Schmiede" on DaWanda. 
The owner, Annette, is a lovely lady who makes all kinds of vintage things by hand. 
Wooden signs with lovely sayings and pictures on it, boxes with old French advertisements and many other things.

I also saw a wooden sign with "Herbstzeit" (German for Autumn time) on it, and I would realy love that with "Herfsttijd" (Dutch for Autumn time), that was no problem, she could make that. 

I also bought a wooden sign with Homemade Pies, it's perfect for my kitchen <3. 

Please do visit her shop on DaWanda or her blog: http://vintage-schmiede.blogspot.nl/

Have a wonderful week end!

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