zaterdag 21 april 2012


I've been walking around with this idea for quite some time.

For years, I've been collecting pictures of pretty ideas to decorate my future home. A scrapbook is the best way to keep them in one place. At the time I bought a Pip Studio scrapbook, in dark pink with flowers.

But it isn't white... So I decided to change it. The paper I used to cover it up, is a gorgeous, but see through gift paper from Jeanne d'Arc Living. So the book had to be covered up, so I wouldn't see the pink anymore. 

Before it's completed, I finished it off with off white lace, a pastel pink ribbon (Thanks to H&M clothing ;).), a doily, a tiny clock image with buttons and a small birdcage.   

Almost finished, but there was something missing in the middle... I glued tiny buttons on the clock.

Have a great weekend!

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